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The Boots You Live In...

"Everyday, we make cowboy boots for people who wear cowboy boots everyday!"

We make custom handmade western cowboy boots in El Paso, Texas, world renowned for our expert craftsmanship!

Champion Attitude Boot Co., aka CABOOTS, is a fourth generation handmade custom western cowboy boot and bespoke footwear shop in El Paso Texas USA.

Champion is the family brand, Attitude is so much more; it is who we are and what we provide. Attitude is everything and our heritage is rich with western imagery, and the very meaning of quality and independence were bred into the lifeblood of our being. Joey and Priscilla Sanchez, the fourth generation, began their venture into the boot family back in the 1980's by pulling up their sleeves and pulling out the families vintage retro patterns of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. The colorful details of vintage retro patterns were new and exciting again after years of ropers from the urban cowboy era .

We revisited Classic Western Styles with bonded soles and detailed stitch patterns, and period reproductions like Cavalry and Officer boots for Civil War reenactments and Period Reproductions from the 1880's. We created fashion forward Tattoo boot styles in the 90's and used silver studs and crystals with one-of-a-kind leathers for designer shows, all the while remaining true to our roots of making old world handmade work cowboy boots for ranchers.

Whether you wear exotic boots like alligator boots, or ostrich boots, or custom boots or ranch boots or just plain old cowboy boots we make them to your color choice and size specifications. And although  ordering custom boots online can seem intimidating we work hard to provide you with lasting and durable footwear with good old fashioned customer service!

Call to place your cowboy boot order with a real person - here in El Paso, Texas where we don't just market the family name we live it- and so will you!