Well October is finally here! The boot exhibit at the El Paso Museum of History opened this last Friday October the 2nd. It was fun going to the meetings and I am excited that after all these years of individual discussion and starts and stops with an Independent Bootmakers Association that with the Help of Adair Margo and Tania Shwartz at the Tom Lea Institute that this exhibit has come to life. With a breath and nod we will continue this work! check out these links with more information- go se it! Let's make it the biggest hit at the musem ... Continue Reading


The boot Festival will definitely be a fun and exciting time but I have a bit of sad news folks, it will be next year instead of this year. However, the exhibit at the El Paso Museum of History is still slated to be from October 1, 2015 through January. ... I will continue to post as the event unfolds.

There are plans in the works and next year it'll be a kick!

In the meantime Check out the Digi wall at the Museum of History downtown El Paso when you get a chance, it  is the 2nd one of it's kind ... Continue Reading


Thanks to Adair Margo at the Tom Lea Institute and the El Paso Museum of History we are collaborating on the history of bootmaking in El Paso for an exhibit and the first ever boot festival. El Paso has long been known as the "Boot Capitol of the World" but how many know why? The years between 1960 and about 1979 were the biggest and best in shear volume here in El Paso in boot making and what we provided to the rest of the world. The big names in boots at the time were in Fort Worth, except for ... Continue Reading

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We had a very exciting spring earlier this year... We got word from the Texas House of representatives that Representative Allen Fletcher from Tomball Texas was honoring us with recognition on the floor of the Capitol - Historic Boot company in Texas! Yee ha! It truly was an honor and we got to take the kids with us to see it in action. Thank you Representative Allen!