Gunfights of the Old West - DVD
Gunfights of the Old West - DVD

DVD total run time time: 30 minutes.

See what happens when the real Western gunfight history of El Paso, Texas comes alive on this video! It was a time and place called the most dangerous in the American Old West. El Paso storyteller and author, Leon Metz, narrates this exciting half-hour video about the late1800's when El Paso was a 24-hour-a-day roaring frontier. El Paso's colorful history spanning some 25 turbulent years is covered in this exciting DVD.

See the El Paso reenactor group "Six Guns & Shady Ladies" create the moments, complete with STEREO GUNFIRE of these famous El Paso gunfights:

"El Paso Gold, Gunfights of the Old West" was recorded and produced entirely in digital stereo on DVCAM. See the vivid colors and hear the sounds just like the real events from Old El Paso. Narrator Leon Metz describes how the intersection of El Paso and San Antonio Streets is at the heart of Old El Paso. He also calls it the most dangerous intersection in the Old West.

This intersection is where three of the most notorious Old El Paso gunfights occurred, and two were reenacted on the original locations for this video program. The "Six Guns & Shady Ladies" group absolutely look and act the part of the original El Pasoans from those gunfighter days. The famous "Four Dead in Five Seconds", which also originally happened at this same intersection, is reenacted at an Old West frontier restaurant behind El Rancho Escondido on the outskirts of El Paso. The realism on this video, "El Paso Gold, Gunfights of the Old West" is eerie, and remember it is in stereo. Also loud at times.

The most famous of all gunfighter arguments in El Paso happened in 1895 between John Wesley Hardin and El Paso Constable John Selman. The "Six Guns & Shady Ladies" group also performed this event at the Old West frontier town. The inside bar scene makes you feel like you are there. See an amazing slow motion shot from Selman as he blows away Hardin, who had reportedly killed 40 men in his gunfighter career.

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