Stormtrooper Ankle Boots
Stormtrooper Ankle Boots
Finally, comfortable, long-lasting boots for the stormtrooper who's on his feet all day, battling those pesky Jedi Knights. These Stormtrooper re-enactment boots are handmade with only the finest materials to ensure a long life.

Features include:

  • Cushion insole
  • Oil-resistant rubber tractor sole
  • Soft maple leather lining
  • White elastic ankles for secure, comfortable fit
  • Pull-up strap for easy boot access
  • White patent vinyl vamps

NOTE: These boots may have slight cosmetic blemishes. Item photographed may vary slightly from actual product.

All the remainder of our stock may have slight blemishes that are only noticeable if you look at them up close. When you consider that you will be doing battles and such in these boots, the blemishes the boots may have will fit right in. Unfortunately, due to the volume of pairs we sell of this product, we cannot furnish individual images of the blemishes (please do not ask). Rest assured they are very minor and no one will notice them.



Our Price: $159.00


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